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Online Cooking Classes

MyPlate2Yours online cooking classes are designed for you! They are taught by Nutritionist/Chef Lynn Dugan who makes online cooking interactive and fun. These cooking sessions include step-by-step instructions of class recipes. You will not only learn helpful and healthful tips during the session, but a delicious lunch or dinner will be ready to enjoy when the session ends. The Zoom link, recipes and the shopping/equipment list needed for class will be provided 10 days in advance of the session. The menu below illustrates the classes offered to private groups, corporate and not-for-profit teams.

Let’s cook together soon!

Please note: class sizes are 5 to 25 devices. Custom classes are also available. 

Cook from the Book!

Learn two deliciously easy recipes from Lynn's new book,

Not Your Mama's Kitchen. This book has 28 healthy, cost-effective recipes from simple ingredients that can be made quickly with minimal kitchen clean up. This is a 90-minute cooking class.

Global Cooking Class

Expand your kitchen expertise and personal pallet when you learn to cook global cuisine with Chef Lynn. This intermediate/advanced class is 120 minutes. You can pick a menu from one of eight regions of the world:

Africa, Asia, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe, Caribbean, South America, Middle East, Mexico/Central America.

Custom Class

Need a different option? We can make that happen! Please complete the form below and we will work to create the best class for you and your guests! 


Do you see something you like? Do you have a question? Please reply here! 

Please also send a message for class pricing and scheduling. Let's cook together soon!

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