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Candy Corn Fruit and Yogurt Cups

Candy Corn Fruit and Yogurt Cups

Just in time for Halloween! It’s a snack that is both fun and healthy, unique amongst all the sweets & candy of the season. It mimics candy corn when assembled: yellow-orange-white as pineapple chunks-orange sections-yogurt. These are easy to make and individually packed for a party or to simply ‘grab & go’. Enjoy!

Candy Corn Fruit & Yogurt Cups (serves 12)


3 cups low fat vanilla yogurt

2 cans pineapples chunks (in juice), drained

2 cans mandarin oranges, drained

12 plastic, clear, 6-ounce cups

Candy corn, for garnish

Using a spoon, equally distribute pineapple in bottom of each cup. Repeat the process with orange slices. Top with a 1/4 cup dollop of yogurt. Garnish with a piece of candy corn. Now they are ready to share with your favorite goblins!

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