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Avocado Egg Pita

Avocado Egg Pita

Easy and yummy! It’s a great recipe to make when you find a ripe avocado to enjoy. Whether you serve it for breakfast or lunch, expect every plate to be left clean!

Avocado-Egg Pita (serves 2)


2 pocketless Greek pita, preferably whole grain

2 eggs

1 large ripe avocado

1 lemon

Salt & pepper

2 teaspoons EVOO

2 tablespoons feta cheese

Brush pitas with oil. Toast on both sides in a hot skillet until beginning to crisp. Mash avocado and spread equally on each pita, drizzle with fresh lemon juice. Fry eggs in skillet, cook ‘easy over’ and season with salt and pepper. Place cooked egg on top of each pita and sprinkle with feta. Enjoy!

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