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Snacking with Purpose

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Snacking is often done impulsively. When we get hungry, we open the fridge, go to the pantry, or find the nearest vending machine to satisfy our craving.

But, what if we planned ahead? Most of us get hungry at predictable times (for me, it’s mid-afternoon). And afternoon makes sense for our hungry kids after school. We could greatly improve our overall diet if we snacked with purpose.

Here’s how:

Using MyPlate as your guide, identify the food group(s) that you need more of in your diet. Is it dairy (3 servings daily)? Fruits or veggies (5-9 daily)? Or whole grain (3 servings daily)? Then, make sure your snack includes those food groups.

Here are a few ideas:

Peanut butter with apple or banana slices

Cheese on whole grain crackers

MyPlate2Yours Trail Mix (whole grain breakfast cereal, popcorn, dried fruit, almonds or sunflower seeds)

Yogurt with granola

Hummus with sugar snap peas, carrots or sliced bell peppers

Most of these suggestions are portable. With a little planning, you will be snacking with purpose and treating your next snack as importantly as your meals.

Snacking with purpose can enhance our overall nutrition and ultimately, our health! Enjoy!

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