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Grilled Chicken Fajitas

Lynn Dugan- MyPlate2Yours

Whenever it's grilling season, this is the first recipe I go for! Grilled Chicken Fajitas are a favorite especially if I am feeding a crowd. It's an easy recipe to double for a larger group or offer steak fajitas with it, too!

For steak fajitas, use 1-1/2 pound flank steak that is scored in a criss-cross pattern on both sides with a paring knife. Steak can be marinaded for up to 6 hours.

Whether chicken or steak, the combination of sautéed peppers and warm tortillas will complete any meal cravings. If you want to add a few more sides to the meal, I'll often serve this Mexican rice and refried beans! Enjoy!

Grilled Chicken Fajitas (serves 6-8)


3 whole boneless, skinless chicken breasts, halved (about 1-1/2 pounds)

1/3 cup canola oil

¼ cup red wine vinegar

1/3 cup lime juice

¼ cup onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon dried oregano

½ teaspoon salt

½ teaspoon pepper

¼ teaspoon cumin

1 medium bell pepper each: green, red, orange

1 dozen whole grain tortillas

Garnish: salsa, avocado, tomato


1. Combine oil, vinegar, lime juice, onion, garlic, sugar, oregano, salt, paper and cumin in a shallow, glass bowl. Add chicken and coat with marinade. Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours.

2. Heat gas grill (to medium). Remove chicken from marinade and place on grill with indirect heat. Cook 10-12 minutes, or until chicken is at 165 degrees. Turn once halfway through cooking time.

3. While chicken is cooking, slice green, yellow, and red bell peppers and sauté on stove with some olive oil, salt and pepper.

4. When chicken is done, slice into thin strips. Place on top of sautéed peppers. Serve with warmed whole grain tortillas.

5. Top with your choice of salsa, avocado, tomato. Enjoy!


Grilled Chicken Fajitas
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